Dignity & Reverence-
We recognize every life as a gift from God, so each individual is inherently valued.


We strive to exceed the expectations of all our customers by committing to deliver quality and value in every aspect of our work.  We will enhance quality for all our patients by educating them about their health and empowering them to be partners in their care.
We want our customers' experience of Parkash Hospital to be different because it is BEST. We ask for our patients' opinions and act on customers' suggestions, in order to exceed the community's expectations of excellence.

Recognizes the contribution of all but requires sacrifice for the benefit of the patient to enhance the health of the communities served and works in cooperation with other organizations to protect vulnerable populations throughout the region.

We are committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.

Community Relationship-
We acknowledge our vital and dynamic role in our communities.  We will foster growth and development in a manner that understands and serves their needs.