Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At Parksah Hospital, we seek to provide the best patient care to every patient and family. We want to ensure that you receive the best clinical care and services you need. By understanding your rights and responsibilities,

As our patient, you have the right to:

1. Receive Care:

• Patients have a right to receive treatment irrespective of their type of primary and associated illnesses, socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins or political affiliations,

• Right to be heard to his/her satisfaction without the doctor interrupting before completion of narrating their entire problem and concerns.

• Expectation from the doctor to write the prescription legibly and explain to the patient on the details on dosage, dos & don’ts & generic options for the medicines. 

• They must be provided with information and access on whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Confidentiality and Dignity:

• Right to personal dignity and to receive care without any form of stigma and discrimination.  

• Privacy during examination and treatment 

• Protection from physical abuse and neglect 

• Accommodating and respecting their special needs such as spiritual and cultural preferences.

•  Right to confidentiality about their medical condition.

Obtain information about your treatment and healthcare team:

  • You have the right to access the healthcare provider of their choice that would sufficiently provide quality healthcare.
  • Receive information on diagnoses, treatment and prognosis in terms you can understand, and have right to seek amendments to their protected health information.
  • Information on your role in your care and the treatment options.
  • Expected course of the treatment and/or recovery.
  • Benefits and risks of treatments.
  • The names of doctors, staff responsible for your care.


• Patient has the right to a seek a second opinion on his/her medical condition. 

• Right to information from the doctor to provide the patient with treatment options, so that the patient can select what works best for him/her.

Right to redress:

• Patient has the right to justice by lodging a complaint through an authority dedicated for this purpose by the healthcare provider organisation or with government health authorities.

• The patient has the right to a fair and prompt hearing of his/her concern.

• The patient in addition has the right to appeal to a higher authority in the healthcare provider organisation and insist in writing on the outcome of the complaint.


To ensure our hospital ability to provide you with the best care possible, we ask that you accept your responsibility to:

  • Provide accurate and complete information regarding your identity, medical history, hospitalizations, medications, dietary supplements (herbal and other nutritional supplements), and current health concerns. Report any changes in health to care providers.
  • Follow treatment plans recommended by physicians and other health care providers working under the attending physician's direction. Let care providers know immediately if you need clarification or do not understand your plan of care or the health instructions you are given.
  • Participate and collaborate in your treatment and in planning for post-hospital care.
  • Be part of the pain management team. If you are receiving pain medications, ask your medical team about pain management options. Use pain medication as prescribed and provide feedback if certain methods are not working well for you.
  • Be considerate and respectful of other patients and hospital’s personnel. Do what you can to help control noise, and ensure that your visitors are considerate as well. Be respectful of the hospital’s property.
  • Follow the hospital’s rules and regulations, including those that prohibit offensive, threatening, and/or abusive language or behavior, and the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs or substances. Help ensure that your visitors/attendants are aware of and follow these rules.

Provide accurate and complete financial information and work with the hospital to ensure that financial obligations related to your care are met. Notify the hospital promptly if there is a hardship so that we may assist you as needed.